The American Chemical Society UMD Student Affiliates Reach Out to the Community

logoStudents from the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, advised by Dr. Efrain Rodriguez and Dr. Philip DeShong, have been involved with Northwestern High School for over a year. They have a weekly after-school chemistry-tutoring program.

“I had a strong interest in restarting the ACS student chapter since I wanted our undergraduates to be part of a national society that promotes professionalism in the chemical sciences.” said Rodriguez. “While Alpha Chi Sigma, our other chemistry club, is a great social networking group, I thought the ACS club would allow students to bring in other aspects of being part of student group. Those aspects include activities such as inviting research scientists from local universities and national labs to give seminars, to have community outreach events, and to attend the national meetings of the ACS.“

Some of our most successful undergraduates have been part of ACS. Michael Mandler (Chemistry B.S. 2015) and now on his way to Harvard Chemistry with a NSF Pre-doctoral Fellowship,, was the first ACS president.

Currently, the president is Christopher Ma, an energetic and enthusiastic student. Under his leadership, the group raised over $3,000 from UMD Launch this past semester to take the chapter to the ACS national meeting in Boston. A delegation of 5 students, will be attending the meeting and promoting UMD Chemistry and Biochemistry.
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