Recent Publications

Chauhan S; Danielson S; Clements V; Edwards N; Ostrand-Rosenberg S; Fenselau C, 2017. Surface Glycoproteins of Exosomes Shed by Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Contribute to Function.  J Proteome Res 16(1):238-246

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Hansen JN, 2017. Human Subject Effects on Torsion Pendulum Oscillations: Importance of Establishing the Contribution of Thermal Convection Air Currents.  Explore (NY) 13(1):9-10

Yi C; Zhang S; Webb KT; Nie Z, 2017. Anisotropic Self-Assembly of Hairy Inorganic Nanoparticles.  Acc Chem Res 50(1):12-21

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Huang Z; Raciti D; Yu S; Zhang L; Deng L; He J; Liu Y; Khashab NM; Wang C; Gong J; Nie Z, 2016. Synthesis of Platinum Nanotubes and Nanorings via Simultaneous Metal Alloying and Etching.  J Am Chem Soc 138(20):6332-5

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Knorr DB Jr; Tran NT; Gaskell KJ; Orlicki JA; Woicik JC; Jaye C; Fischer DA; Lenhart JL, 2016. Synthesis and Characterization of Aminopropyltriethoxysilane-Polydopamine Coatings.  Langmuir 32(17):4370-81

Dirda ND; Zavalij PY; Kao JP, 2016. Crystal and mol-ecular structure of meso-2,6-di-bromo-hepta-nedioic acid (meso-2,6-di-bromo-pimelic acid).  Acta Crystallogr E Crystallogr Commun 72(Pt 3):322-4

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Kim Y; Edwards N; Fenselau C, 2016. Extracellular vesicle proteomes reflect developmental phases of Bacillus subtilis.  Clin Proteomics 13:6

Davtyan A; Platkov M; Gruebele M; Papoian GA, 2016. Stochastic Resonance in Protein Folding Dynamics.  Chemphyschem 17(9):1305-13

Kłos J; Zhang SG; Meyer H, 2016. The near-IR spectrum of NO(X̃(2)Π)-Ne detected through excitation into the Ã-state continuum: A joint experimental and theoretical study.  J Chem Phys 144(11):114307

Popov K; Komianos J; Papoian GA, 2016. MEDYAN: Mechanochemical Simulations of Contraction and Polarity Alignment in Actomyosin Networks.  PLoS Comput Biol 12(4):e1004877

Lamech LT; Saoji M; Paukstelis PJ; Lambowitz AM, 2016. Structural Divergence of the Group I Intron Binding Surface in Fungal Mitochondrial Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetases That Function in RNA Splicing.  J Biol Chem 291(22):11911-27

Kłos J; Alexander MH; Kumar P; Poirier B; Jiang B; Guo H, 2016. New ab initio adiabatic potential energy surfaces and bound state calculations for the singlet ground X̃(1)A1 and excited C̃(1)B2(2(1)A(')) states of SO2.  J Chem Phys 144(17):174301

Sun CF; Glaz BJ; Okada M; Baker E 3rd; Cheng XY; Karna SP; Wang Y, 2016. Blocking Oxidation Failures of Carbon Nanotubes through Selective Protection of Defects.  Adv Mater 28(31):6672-9

Choksawangkarn W; Graham LM; Burke M; Lee SB; Ostrand-Rosenberg S; Fenselau C; Edwards NJ, 2016. Peptide-based systems analysis of inflammation induced myeloid-derived suppressor cells reveals diverse signaling pathways.  Proteomics 16(13):1881-8

DeLisio JB; Hu X; Wu T; Egan GC; Young G; Zachariah MR, 2016. Probing the Reaction Mechanism of Aluminum/Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Composites.  J Phys Chem B 120(24):5534-42

Hanna DA; Harvey RM; Martinez-Guzman O; Yuan X; Chandrasekharan B; Raju G; Outten FW; Hamza I; Reddi AR, 2016. Heme dynamics and trafficking factors revealed by genetically encoded fluorescent heme sensors.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113(27):7539-44

Orek C; Kłos J; Lique F; Bulut N, 2016. Ab initio studies of the Rg-NO(+)(X(1)Σ(+)) van der Waals complexes (Rg = He, Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe).  J Chem Phys 144(20):204303

Remsing RC; Weeks JD, 2016. Role of Local Response in Ion Solvation: Born Theory and Beyond.  J Phys Chem B 120(26):6238-49

Lu X; Isaacs L, 2016. Uptake of Hydrocarbons in Aqueous Solution by Encapsulation in Acyclic Cucurbit[n]uril-Type Molecular Containers.  Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 55(28):8076-80

Ma X; Wang W; Bittner F; Schmidt N; Berkey R; Zhang L; King H; Zhang Y; Feng J; Wen Y; Tan L; Li Y; Zhang Q; Deng Z; Xiong X; Xiao S, 2016. Dual and Opposing Roles of Xanthine Dehydrogenase in Defense-Associated Reactive Oxygen Species Metabolism in Arabidopsis.  Plant Cell 28(5):1108-26

Raz O; Subaşı Y; Pugatch R, 2016. Geometric Heat Engines Featuring Power that Grows with Efficiency.  Phys Rev Lett 116(16):160601

Thomas TS; Hwang W; Sita LR, 2016. End-Group-Functionalized Poly(α-olefinates) as Non-Polar Building Blocks: Self-Assembly of Sugar-Polyolefin Hybrid Conjugates.  Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 55(15):4683-7

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Wang C; Carter-Cooper B; Du Y; Zhou J; Saeed MA; Liu J; Guo M; Roembke B; Mikek C; Lewis EA; Lapidus RG; Sintim HO, 2016. Alkyne-substituted diminazene as G-quadruplex binders with anticancer activities.  Eur J Med Chem 118:266-75

Leshem B; Xu R; Dallal Y; Miao J; Nadler B; Oron D; Dudovich N; Raz O, 2016. Direct single-shot phase retrieval from the diffraction pattern of separated objects.  Nat Commun 7:10820

Longhini AP; LeBlanc RM; Becette O; Salguero C; Wunderlich CH; Johnson BA; D'Souza VM; Kreutz C; Dayie TK, 2016. Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of site-specific isotopically labeled nucleotides for use in NMR resonance assignment, dynamics and structural characterizations.  Nucleic Acids Res 44(6):e52

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Ganapati S; Zavalij PY; Eikermann M; Isaacs L, 2016. In Vitro selectivity of an acyclic cucurbit[n]uril molecular container towards neuromuscular blocking agents relative to commonly used drugs.  Org Biomol Chem 14(4):1277-87

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Kłos J; Kim M; Alexander MH; Wang Y, 2016. Chemical Control and Spectral Fingerprints of Electronic Coupling in Carbon Nanostructures.  J Phys Chem C Nanomater Interfaces 120(51):29476-29483

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Tsuji G; Sintim HO, 2016. Cyclic dinucleotide detection with riboswitch-G-quadruplex hybrid.  Mol Biosyst 12(3):773-7

Long JW; Wallace JM; Peterson GW; Huynh K, 2016. Manganese Oxide Nanoarchitectures as Broad-Spectrum Sorbents for Toxic Gases.  ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 8(2):1184-93

Kim H; Zep A; Ryu SH; Ahn H; Shin TJ; Lee SB; Pociecha D; Gorecka E; Yoon DK, 2016. Linkage-length dependent structuring behaviour of bent-core molecules in helical nanostructures.  Soft Matter 12(14):3326-30

Castañeda CA; Dixon EK; Walker O; Chaturvedi A; Nakasone MA; Curtis JE; Reed MR; Krueger S; Cropp TA; Fushman D, 2016. Linkage via K27 Bestows Ubiquitin Chains with Unique Properties among Polyubiquitins.  Structure 24(3):423-36

Kłos J; Alexander MH; Kumar P; Poirier B; Jiang B; Guo H, 2016. Publisher's Note: "New ab initio adiabatic potential energy surfaces and bound state calculations for the singlet ground X̃(1)A1 and excited C̃(1)B2(2(1)A(')) states of SO2" [J. Chem. Phys. 144, 174301 (2016)].  J Chem Phys 144(20):209901

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Brinson RG; Miller JT; Kahn JD; Le Grice SF; Marino JP, 2016. Applying Thymine Isostere 2,4-Difluoro-5-Methylbenzene as a NMR Assignment Tool and Probe of Homopyrimidine/Homopurine Tract Structural Dynamics.  Methods Enzymol 566:89-110

Zhu G; Liu Y; Yang X; Kim YH; Zhang H; Jia R; Liao HS; Jin A; Lin J; Aronova M; Leapman R; Nie Z; Niu G; Chen X, 2016. DNA-inorganic hybrid nanovaccine for cancer immunotherapy.  Nanoscale 8(12):6684-92

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Chintapalli SV; Jayanthi S; Mallipeddi PL; Gundampati R; Suresh Kumar TK; van Rossum DB; Anishkin A; Adams SH, 2016. Novel Molecular Interactions of Acylcarnitines and Fatty Acids with Myoglobin.  J Biol Chem 291(48):25133-25143

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